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Apostle Ricardo Watson has called the church to a time of sustained daily ministry for one year. This is ministry unto the LORD through fasting, prayer, worship and the WORD. Daily the church will meet at 7pm on MiracleMountain. Access to the property is available at 5pm. Ministry unto the LORD will be conducted from 7pm  until the close of the meeting. Revival River is experiencing the full potion of Acts 2:1-4. Join us online and in person for ministry. Please note these meetings supercede all other times of meeting going forward  We are focused on gathering daily until 06 Sep 2024. We are no longer holding Sunday services at 2:22pm JUBILEE FIRE now takes precedence. Please contact our offices if you require further information. 


The worlds first and greatest online deliverance program in the palm of your hands. ALL YOU DO IS PRESS PLAY AND EXHALE! Download our free app NOW! This is deliverance on demand. Invest in your own liberty. 


Join Dr Ricardo Watson in a life altering encounter with Jesus Christ through the ministry of deliverance which is SOTERIA (Salvation). Expect anointed hands on ministry along with sound Bible doctrinal teaching...


On behalf of  Dr Ricardo Watson and Kerry-Lee Watson we extend to you a warm Christian welcome to our online ministry portal . Revival River is a cosmopolitan church that is conservative in doctrine and charismatic in the ministry ...

the watson podcast

Join Dr Ricardo Watson LIVE from Miracle Mountain, Monday to Friday at 7pm (EST). Be prepared for inspiration from God's WORD, impartation from God's Spirit with healing and freedom in every podcast. This podcast is designed to help Christians learn to pray and overcome the challenges involving families, finances, faith and more. Come eat from a table spread with the abundance of God's goodness for you.   


DailyMercy is the greatest online deliverance program on the planet. 45 years of hands-on church involvement with 22 years of research and practice in deliverance ministry has resulted in this robust resource of spiritual freedom. It has taken 7 years of sustained intense prayer, extended fasting, and real life ministry to produce this dynamic turnkey tool of emancipation.  Get your freedom now. 


Through the years I have developed simple prayer points to aid Pastors and Leaders to pray. These powerful videos impart the spirit of prayer and supplication. Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. I want to teach you how to pray so you can get answers for ministry and life. I have thousands of resources available for Pastors. Speak to a member of my team who will give you all the help you need on a free call.  

Get to know me.

I am Ricardo Watson. I am minister of the Glorious Gospel Of Christ. I have been saved and churched for 45 years. I am a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, South Africa and Conservative Theological University in Jacksonville Florida. I hold an earned Ph.D in Theology and I am currently taking courses for my next doctorate in Evangelical Seminary. I have pioneered and oversee two churches in two continents, that being Africa and America. I have 22 years of hands on experience in full time local church and missions ministry. I have helped Pastors and Church Leaders across four continents of the world to pray and get spiritual freedom to thrive in ministry and life. I am married for 18 years to my wife Kerry-Lee and I have four blessed children who serve God with me in the ministry.